Friday, 9 March 2018

R12 Primary Ledger - Setup Steps


                                           R12 – Primary Ledger Set up
Primary Ledger

A primary ledger is defined as a Ledger where all day-to-day transactions are performed. 

Key Role:

1.     PL is main ledger or Activity Ledger
2.     Usually it will define local currency
3.     Operational reporting ledger

  Before creating Ledger, should be defined 4C’s.

R12 Ledger:
1.     Chart of Accounts
2.     Ledger Currency
3.     Accounting Calendar
4.     Accounting Method - new in R12   

Note:  In 11i we have only 3C’s, but in R12 we have 4C’s

  Setup to Define the Primary Ledger:


General Ledger --> Setup --> Financials --> Accounting Setup Manager --> Accounting Setups

   Click the create Accounting Setup button.

   Click Next button 

    Enter valid details 

Ø Primary Ledger name
Ø Chart of Accounts (COA)
Ø Accounting Calendar
Ø Currency
Ø Select oracle Standard Subledger Accounting method – ‘Standard Accrual

  ð Select chart of Accounts

   ð Select Accounts Calendar 

     ð Select Currency

      ð Select Subledger Accounting Method – ‘Standard Accrual’ 

 Click ‘Finish’ button to complete PL 

 To check the status of Primary ledger, Status should be ‘In Progress’
   To complete the Primary ledger, should recompile Char of Account key flex filed                   recompile 

    Unfreeze / Freeze Flexfield Definition check box

     To check the concurrent program request key field compiled successful
   Next , click update icon to define ‘Retained Earning Account’ number


    Select the valid combination Retained Earning Account number

 Search and create the retained Earning Account 

    Click to Finish the PL setup 

    Now check the status icon in Accounting Setup form. 
    Status should be ‘Complete’

Click the complete button, to complete PL setup

Warning Message popup, to confirm the Primary Ledger setup and 4C’s Setup.

Note: Once you ‘Yes’, you can’t edit or delete any values in Primary Ledger.

To verify PL created successful, by using concurrent program 

Assign Primary ledger to your General Ledger Responsibility 

 Once Assign the responsibility ,
      Go To -> GL responsibility -> Journals -> Enter -> New Journals
       check your Currency, ledger is valid 

      Now We've successfully setup a Primary Ledger.

Note: Check GL period open for the current month or not, if not open the GL periods for the current month in setup-> click open/close , Enter current period and open

Friday, 17 November 2017

Procedure To Payable(P2P) Techno-Functional Follow

Overview Flow:

Requisition -> Request for quotation -> Quotation analysis -> Purchase Order -> Create Inventory Receipt -> Create Invoice -> Make payment against Invoice -> Creating Accounting -> Transfer to GL -> Post the Journal to GL

 P2P Techno - Functional Flow:

Creation of Requisition: -

SELECT * FROM po_requisition_headers_all WHERE segment1 = '10222259';
SELECT * FROM po_requistion_lines_all WHERE requisition_header_id = '905489'
SELECT * FROM po_distributions_all where distribution_id in         (624201,624202,624203,624204);

Creation of Purchase order against requisition: -

SELECT * FROM po_headers_all WHERE segment1 = '15128255';
SELECT * FROM po_lines_all WHERE po_header_id = 998860;
SELECT * FROM po_lines_locations_all WHERE po_header_id = '998860'
SELECT * FROM po_distributions_all where po_header_id = '998860'
 (po_distributions_all .req_distribution_id = po_req_distributions_all.distribution_id)

Find PO / Requisition number:
       reqh.segment1 Req_Number, ph.segment1 PO_Number, ph.po_header_id
  FROM po_headers_all ph,
       po_distributions_all pos,
       po_req_distributions_all rdis,
       po_requisition_lines_all rel,
       po_requisition_headers_all reqh
 WHERE     1 = 1
       AND ph.po_header_id = pos.po_header_id
       AND pos.req_distribution_id = rdis.distribution_id
       AND rdis.requisition_line_id = rel.requisition_line_id
       AND rel.requisition_header_id = reqh.requisition_header_id
       AND rel.requisition_header_id = '905489'

Receiving against Purchase Order: -
Navigation: -  Purchase Super User -> Receiving -> Receipt

Query the PO number 

Select number lines to create the receipt, enter the quantity, sub-Inventory. Next, click the ‘lot serial’ button and keen lot details, expiration date etc...,

Once click done, a receipt number will be created

SELECT * FROM rcv_shipment_headers WHERE receipt_num = '45074';
SELECT * FROM rcv_shipment_lines WHERE shipment_header_id = '869858';
SELECT * FROM rcv_transactions WHERE shipment_header_id = '869858';

Account Payable Module: -

Navigation: - Payable Super User -> Invoices -> Entry -> Invoices

Enter the po number and keen invoice amount, invoice date, invoice number, etc.

Invoice should match /validate based on receipt, po number ..

 And click the match button, next query PO number selects the line and enter what is your purchased quantity value 

Next Click the actions button and select validate check box and press ‘Ok’ to validate the invoice

Once validate done, Status changed into ‘Needs Revalidation’       

Re – enter, Invoice amount as per the total amount value and then re-do validation again, if it validation success, status should be changed into “validate”.

Creation of Accounting & Payment:
Next action to be perform the create the accounting 

Once accounting has been successfully created. The Accounted status should be update as ‘YES’


SELECT * FROM ap_invoices_all WHERE invoice_num = ‘TSTINV1234’;

SELECT * FROM ap_invoice_distributions_All WHERE invoice_id = 561266;

Invoice Holds:

SELECT * FROM ap_holds_all WHERE invoice_id = 561266;


If payment button disable means, verify whether Invoice got holds or Approved status as “Required”
If it Approved Status required means, make “force Manual Approval”

Go to Action button -> select Force Approval -> okay.

Now you can verify the approval status and any holds


 Now go Action click “Pay in Full” 

 Enter required field 

Next, transfer payment details into GL by using concurrent program - ‘Transfer Journal Entries to GL’ or “Payables Transfer to General Ledger”  

Note: Transfer Journal Entries to GL’ is the common program for all the modules

Enter the ledger, end date parameters 

è View Payments
SELECT * FROM ap_invoice_payments_all WHERE Invoice_id  = 561266; --  get check_id
SELECT * FROM ap_payment_schedules_all WHERE Invoice_id  = 561266;

è Check payments
Select * from ap_checks_all WHERE Check_id in (select check_id from
ap_invoice_payments_all WHERE Invoice_id  = 561266);

è Check format
SELECT * FROM ap_check_formats;
SELECT * FROM ap_checkrun_conc_processes_all;

General Ledger:
Navigation -> Goto General Ledger Super User -> Journals -> Enter 

SELECT * FROM gl_je_headers WHERE JE_HEADER_ID = 1086045;

     SELECT * FROM gl_je_lines WHERE JE_HEADER_ID = 1086045;
     SELECT * FROM gl_je_batches WHERE JE_BATCH_ID = 736629;